Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cake for an Architect

I was asked to do this cake by a friend for friend :P I have never thought about doing a cake for an architect so it was a bit challenging to come up with an idea. Especially since I was a bit limited on time and could not do what i really wanted to do (which one be some awesome architectur-al building model thing :P )
After some research I came upon many architecture cakes that had maps and tools. So I decided to go with that.

It was fun doing them, especially the tip of the pencil! I am very proud of that :D

Oh and I finally managed to figure out how to fully cover a cake with fondant without any creases :S so yay for me!!!

What do think of the cake?

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  1. love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice architecturing a cake! amazin dee :)

  2. Nice Diana, I love it
    You think that this was an easy one, but i dont think so. You are improving and mastering what u r doing coz u work with love.

  3. Momm! Thats just the best comment ever!!! Thanks a lot! I wouldnt be able to do anything without you!!


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