Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baby Shower..Cakes & Cupcakes

Baby Showers..they have to be as cute as can be. The pregnant ladies, the emotions, the tears and awwwwww's all around. but the best for me always is: CAKE! I just love the cuteness, the cakes are always so pretty, colorful and childish (in a good way :P )

So when the opportunity came where I had to do one, I was ecstatic! I got out all my colors and started coloring all the marshmallow fondant I had.

The first step was to mold the baby and let it dry overnight. I admit the baby turned out a bit too cartoon-ish but it all came together at the end with the blanket and the colors.

I propped the baby on a light green fondant covered chocolate cake and propped a blanket on top. Looks cute, no?

The cupcakes are chocolate, vanilla and marbled flavored. I was trying out my new cupcake pan. I got the biggest one I found since I had many to do. Then I got creative and started cutting out shapes and piping on the cupcakes.




The mess I made :$

I just love the colors!
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lots of Love..

Valentine's Day is almost here...and what's valentine's without some kind of sweets!!

I decided to go simple this year and opted for a basic vanilla sugar cookie recipe.

Who thought cookies need more work (and timeee!!!) than cake! Between the freezing and cutting and baking and decorating. Ahhhhh but they were worth it. They turned out reeeally good and looked great.

I am relatively proud of the results....remember this is my first time decorating cookies! pretty decent no?

Anyway, long story short:

vanilla sugar cookies + royal icing ..... they'll make anyone fall in love..trust me.

                                                                             The Colors 

(I ate a lot a bit before decorating...just to "check the taste")

What do you think?

Happy Valentine's everyone..
I hope you're spending it with the one you love..
and a bowl full of sweets and chocolates ofcourse =D

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sushi Roll Cake

It's been done! My first sushi cake. well..sushi roll cake. And surprisingly it was pretty easy! and really fun to do. The pieces all fit together perfectly.

 Let's talk cake.

The cake itself is a vanilla-lemon cake. In other words, fluffy vanilla cake with lemon curd filling and white vanilla frosting.

and as usual: Marshmallow Fondant!!

I made a dark (black-ish) fondant strip and wrapped it around the cake and sprinkled white sprinkles on top for the "rice".

I dug through many leftover fondant pieces from previous cakes...turns out I have many many colors left (makes life muuuuuch easier) and added all the colors to the sushi roll.

Finally, a sushi cake cannot exist without some chopsticks, so I stacked 2 on top.

The wasabi

The ginger

I just love the pink of the ginger...don't you think it looks good??

Yummy...I think I'll be going out for sushi tonight...
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