Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Paris, instagram and cake

Since my trip to Paris is just around the corner.. I thought I'd share the Paris-themed cake I did a while ago.

Eiffel tower and pink stripes. I opted for a girly simple look to finish off this cake. 

Oh, as for the pictures, I (finally) got to posting directly from phone! I've been doing many things lately and haven't had time to post as often as i'd like SO i'm going to give phone blogging (with instagram pictures) a shot.

I can't wait for my Paris trip!! I'll be taking some cooking classes so stay tuned for some delicious croissant recipes fresh from kitchens of authentic Parisian bakeries!!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cake and Spongebob Square Pants

A while ago a friend asked for a spongebob cake. I jumped at the request! I felt like a little kid again. Working with cake and edible "playdough" - yes thats how i explain what fondant is when people ask about it.

As usual, before i started working on the cake I started planning and designing in my head a huuge cake with all the characters surrounding a big pineapple! But alas, they only wanted the character.

So spongebob square pants it was...
With all his yellow glory..

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