Sunday, October 14, 2012

Deezert is one! My First Blogoversary: Celebrating with Lemon Cake

I can't believe it's already been a year since I started blogging. I remembered how reluctant I was at hard it all looked! All that code and what not..

But soon enough, I got the hang of it and I fell in love with blogging and regretted that I haven't started one long before.

It's really amazing if you think about, I've been my stats for a while now and I have people from all around the world that read this blog: Germany, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Jordan, Algeria...really all over the place...
This just baffles me!!

And don't worry, there will be cake in this post. Did you really think Deezert's birthday will pass without any cake?!!!!!!

I opted for simple (yet not so simple to make) lemon cake.

The vanilla cake was 4 layers of angel food cake, so all egg whites and no yolks!

YUM, white vanilla fluffy cake.

I could eat this cake all by itself but the lemons looked so beautiful I had to use them in some way.

I made a delicious thick lemon curd using sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest and a whole bunch of eggs.

 I stacked the cake and the lemon curd and covered the whole thing with sweet white marshmallow fondant (again, Deezert's birthday has to have marshmallow fondant somewhere in it!).

Me, making the flower =)

I ruffled long strips of fondant and layered them on top of the cake and added a 5 petal flower on top.

Isn't this a refreshing way to start another year of full Deezerts??

Happy First Birthday Deezert

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Monster Cookie Layer Cake

I've seen this cake many many times and always thought about recreating it but was intimidated by the "fur". However, I will never say no to a request! (Especially a Sesame Street Cake!)

The cake itself was also a challenge. Two layers of moist vanilla cake: a white white and pink-tinted one. One layer of red-velvet cake and last but (definetly) not least chocolate cake.
(Ah, if only I can have a piece right now!!!)

Then it was time for FROSTING!

I wanted something that tastes really good but can also last and not melt and mess up my pretty cake.
My final decision was laid upon Sweetapolita's Swiss Meringue Buttercream.
It looks silky smooth and tastes delicious. It's starting to become my go-to frosting.

I made a LARGE amount of buttercream. I chilled my cakes and stacked them one on top the other and cumb coated the whole thing.

Then I got out my piping tools. I searched and searched and finally found the perfect tip: Wilton Grass Tip 233.

2 cups of butter cream later...I was confident enough to try frosting my cake.

3 hours later (and an almost broken wrist =O )....I WAS DONE.

I then added white buttercream eyes and chopped off my cookies in half (and I totally did not eat the broken ones =) ) and stuck them on his mouth.

Here's the cake on the inside =D
and voila!

Monster Cookie Cake



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