Monday, April 2, 2012

Cakes and Coffee Cups

The simplest things can sometimes be just amazing!

Coffee Cups, I never thought I'd ever make them out of fondant.

This cake is for my friend's mom, so it's a special cake. She likes coffee (obviously :P) and she likes blue.
So your truly decided to take the more challenging path! =D

I gave the fondant coffee cups a try and thought they looked cute and then created the cake around them. They weren't as hard to make as I believed they would be. The only challenge was making them stick without any tylose glue, which reminds me: I really should get my hands on some of that glue, it would make my life much easier..

Anyway, cups done! I did not want to simply just cover the cake with fondant. Then I remembered I once saw this marbled effect in a cake book I have (Yes, the Cakeboss one =D ). It was also brown and white, but for a beautiful fall cake (with fondant leaves and everything). So I got out my marshmallows and some brown and some white fondant. Then I twisted and kneaded till I got that marvelous marbled effect!

Isn't it just wonderful? So simple, yet so pretty.

After covering the cake with the marbled fondant, I placed the cups on top and added a little coffee (Nescafe to be exact) to the cups and voila!

Cakes and Coffee Cups, don't you just love it?!

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  1. u know, it is one of the hardest thing to draw a circle.. and u didnt just draw it, u perfectionized it and made it into a fenjen(yes i just invented this word :P)!! FAZEE3AA ya benet!!
    3anjad love it

  2. Aline!! Thank youuu!!! Im happy you think so :D

    Mona! haha you made me laugh! dankeeee! w finjen is a word :P dont worry :P thank you again!!! =D

  3. i meant perfectionized :P btw i just realized another awesome thing i didnt spot before (because i was too taken by the fenjens :P)... it is the texture on the cake!!! just wow :D

  4. Hehe! Its nice isnt it?? Danke noch einmal :D

  5. Oh my goodness! These are so amazing! Seriously they look incredible. I swear if I made something like this, I wouldn't let anybody eat it and ruin it.

  6. Sareen!!! Thank you!! yes, it's very hard :P but eventually you become strong enough :P (sometimes!!)


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