About Me

I've been fascinated with cakes and baking ever since I was that little girl that licked the spoon my mom gave me after she finished mixing my favorite chocolate cake. Whenever I have a cake design or idea in mind, I keep thinking about it until I apply my ideas.! Sometimes I even have trouble sleeping!!
This blog is to show you some of my cakes (and other desserts).
So please let me know what you think.
Oh, and thank you (a certain special someone) for coming up with this awesome name!
With Love,

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or simply say whatever you want in the comments below =)
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  1. I Wish U The Best of Luck and I hope Ur Dream Comes True

  2. Thank you Mom!!!! For everything... =)

  3. Some day when i have money.. we will open up a Deezert place for you D!! where i can eat allll the cakes for free :P

  4. hahaha maher!!!! ofcourse:P you can eat all the cakes u want :P

  5. I am loving each and every guilty pleasure u have made till now...looking forward for what is to come diana! have a "deelightful" baking experience ;) xx

  6. Reem! thanks a lot!! Im happy you're liking them =D the support means a lot to me!! mwa!


Thank you for leaving a comment!!! It's what gets me excited to go into the kitchen and bake again! =D