Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Black and White Cookies

Photo Credit: Sally Loutfy
I recently got this amazing cookbook (from an amazing friend!!) and thought it's about time I try something from it. The book is called "Baking with the Cake Boss " and it's such a wonderful book. It has everything: from butter cookies to tarts to fondant tiered cakes! It really is the perfect book =D I'm sure this blog is going to some very interesting posts coming up because of the Cake Boss =D

Now since I have finals and there's so little time =( , I decided to go for something simple.
I saw this recipe for a cookie that is well not a cookie. By  that I mean it's texture is somewhat different. It's actually initially a vanilla cake recipe but the recipe's been tweaked a bit to make it more of a cookie.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FC Barcelona Football Cake

Yes, I'm surrounded by football fans! (I just wish I could speak their language :P )

SOOO, today is my sister Lana's birthday!!!!! =D

Photo Credit: Sally Loutfy
and she's a Barcelona fan (that the understatement of the year!!) - but you get the picture. She has everything: scarfs, flags, pillows, posters etc. the whole thing!

And since her birthday was coming up, there really wasn't anything else I could do for her =D

SO! Football cake: I've always wanted to make a football, I keep wondering how I would do those 'creases' things. Turns out they weren't all that easy! But still, I think they turned out great! I love them. It took a long time, and many many trials. The end result was that I started with a white fondant ball, rolled it out into a big circle.
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rose Battenburg Cake

Tomorrow is my parent's 23rd anniversary. They've been together 23 wonderful years! (20 of which were awesome, I'm guessing :P !)
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy
Well, yes: you guessed it: I baked a cake! =D

I wanted to do something romantic but fun at the same time, so I finally decided on this new type of cake I came across while reading one of my favorite blogs : Sprinklebakes 
It's called: Battenburg, basically it's a looong sponge cake that when cut would show a yummy two-by-two check pattern of 2 colors. 

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