Saturday, February 18, 2012

Car Cake

This is my first fondant car cake! And I'm pretty proud of it.

I realized from working with cakes, that I'm going to have to learn about A LOT of different things: from flowers, to people to cars!! It's really amazing work!

Back to this cake:

This cake is an old red mini cooper! I know: mini coopers are smaller than this, but well I really just couldn't cut out all that cake!! At the end, it's all about the cake, no?

Well this was pretty challenging! I baked two LARGE cakes, stacked them up, froze them then started carving. I had like 10 pictures of cars in front me while I did this. After I got the shape I wanted, I frosted it, put it back in the freezer then covered it with: yes you guessed it: marshmallow fondant =D

The details were pretty fun to make, the license plate, the lights, bumpers etc.

Oh for the windows, I just covered the cake with some white fondant first then with the red. Then cut up the windows from the red fondant and voila! Windows =D

What do you think??

Do I have a future in making fondant car cakes? :P

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  1. this is very impressive Diana =)) seriously!

  2. Dania!! Thank you =D Happy you like it!

  3. cannot believe that i just saw this! PFFT!!!!
    3anjad awesome work, ur great with details!!! :)

  4. mona! this is very tough :p thank you for the complimentsss

  5. Expect a camaro order next month :D

    1. =D will be waiting :P (leh mane sheyfe ur comments abel?!!!!)


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