Saturday, February 11, 2012

App Cake

Today is a very special day! It's my sister's and my mom's birthday =D It also happens to be the "anniversary" of the first fondant cakes I made. (Yes, they were both for my mom and sister). My first two cakes were very simple (and not all that great:P) They were a log shaped chocolate cake with some flowers on top (for mom) and a rectangle shaped cake with a fondant flat apple logo on top!

SO, this year, I decided I should redeem my self for those cakes =D

Sally (my sister) LOVES coffee! and she LOVES her iPhone! 
So I remembered this cake I tried a while ago that she loved. It's called Opera Cake.

Its 7 layers of  a coffee-lovers dream! It's made up Jaconde - which is simple an almond sponge cake - soaked in coffee syrup, coffee buttercream, ganache and  covered with a dark chocolate glaze. 

Now that the coffee part was done, I had to get some iPhone into it. 
A while ago, someone sent me a  picture of some iPhone apps cupcakes. They were gorgeous! and Sally loved them. 
So I got my fondant out and started the work!

I tried to make the apps as relevant as possible. 
Sally was born on Feb 11, at 4 o'clock. And 18 had to go someplace :P


Here are some more pictures.

I hope you liked it!!
Oh and here's my mom's cake : A Bouquet of Roses

Sally, Happy Birthday sis!! I love you so so so so much!!! You're finally 18!!!!! =D

Oh, this wasn't my original plan. My first plan was a girl playing the guitar. After I finished the girl and saw the apps I decided to go with the iPhone.

Here's a picture of the girl though:

Girl with Guitar

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    the detail!!! amazinggggggggggggg! i am lost for words!!!!!!!!! mashallah 3laykeh really unique work!!
    btw the last pic is so CUTE hehe <3

  2. monaaa! thank you! it was all in the details yes!! took me some time :P but came out good =F

  3. yo D... this looks delicious... the opera thing. I mean you should be cautious, ur having some serious effects on some folks ... I look at the pics and i start to drool over what i see (this sounded disgusting) and I get the instant need to try them.... This has been happening for a while now...I mean i saw eclairs n said i will let it pass...bas khalas i gotta talk :P. Anyways its sad we cant try them, bas u know what , they all look soo good and detailed that it makes it worth it to just look at it and enjoy the work.
    Happy Birthday to ur mom n sally :) Send them my warmest greets!

  4. Khaled!!!!!! I can't believe you're on my blog!!!!! :P Thank you very very very mucho :P Don't worry, i think you'll be tasting them soon :P Your comment is just the best! It made me smile!!!
    Danke khaled

  5. amazing on every level.
    100/10 :)

  6. Thank you saryyyyy! Glad u like it :D

  7. YUM! I love Opera cakes and the apps are so cuteee :D
    Happy birthday to your sistaaa

  8. Sally (BIRTHDAYY GIRL:P)February 12, 2012 at 11:36 AM

    DIANAAA<3 <3 :P I keeep openning the fridgee kil shweii to look if anyone ate from it(ruined the shape) then i close it again:P hahaha<3 This is by farr the best cake i have ever gotten<3 and by far the tastiesttt<3 I really dont knowwwwwww how id be able to thankk u<3 You madeeeeee MY CAKEE:) haha<3 Thanksss again for everythingggg :)

    P,S: You did make up for lasttt yearrrr i can asssuree u<3 eventhough last yearss cakee was alsooooooo amazinggg! this one topss EVERY CAKE you've ever made (in my perspecctiveee)


  9. Aline! I wish u could taste it!! And thank you :D

    Sallyyy! I'm glad you like it!!!!i tried to make them as real as possible! I've always wanted to try em! So thank you :P im just happy you're happy! And dont worry its a big cake and they all know its yours :P


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