Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Bouquet of Roses

This is the second cake I made today! It's for my mom's birthday! I had to make some very special, you see I love my mom very much (and she is always the one helping me with my other cakes:P) So this was a challenge for me: Mom wasn't helping!!!

Well, as I mentioned in my other post, mom's cake last year was a chocolate log shaped cake with a couple of roses.
So this year I had to go BIG!!

I saw this beautiful cake some time ago and immediately knew this was the cake for mom. She loves roses! and anything red.

The roses took a long time! I had some help from my friend Dana and my sister Lana!! It was very fun making them, no? :P

Then I cut up some light and dark green stripes and make a border around the cake.
This was one the most time-consuming cakes I've done, but it was worth it! I loved the result!

Isn't it pretty???

OH OH, the cake is a delicious lemon cake. It's made up of 4 layers of vanilla cake filled with lemon filling and frosting. Everyone loved it!!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!! 
Thank you for everything you've done! I couldn't have done anything without you!!
I love you =)

If you haven't seen my sister's cake, here it is : App Cake

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  1. WOW!!! u havent had ur mom helping u and simply have outdone urself!!! WOW!!!! u know 3an b3eed at first i thought it's a drawing! amazing diana really!!! the roses are perfectly done!! im really speechless! WOW!!!!

  2. MONAA!!!! thank youuu very very much! I really love this cake! =D I'm glad you like it! DANKE! mwah

  3. 3anjad it is lovable!!!! i dont like it! i love it!!!!

  4. Diana, i really don't know what to say.
    God loves me for giving me daughters like you and ur sisters. You brought joy and happiness to my heart tonight (especialy in Piazza). U are a smart lady.

  5. Mom! Today was about making you happy! I'm glad we could do that! And well I learned from the best :P Love you!!

  6. That is sooo pretty!
    Happy birthday to your mommyy :D


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