Monday, February 13, 2012

Be my Valentine, Snoopy Cake

Helen Keller once said:

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.

But well, there's no harm in trying right? :P

and what is better and more beautiful than a cake?!

This year, I decided to go for something a bit out of the ordinary.

I just love snoopy! He's very special to me, and I find him the cutest thing ever =) and during this time of year, I thought I'd use this to try and bring some smiles to peoples' faces.

Snoopy (K)
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

I saw a similar cake while looking at some awesome cake designs and directly knew I wanted to make this for Valentine's.

Be my Valentine!
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

The red house works perfectly with all the hearts, don't you think?

Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy
Now the house wasn't very easy to make :P But I put my mind to it and was able to! I had to build it from some cardboard (I had no cardboard, so I used an empty Ghandour biscuit box) and then wrap it with red fondant. Snoopy was just the cutest thing to make (and surprisingly the easiest!) I just used some white marshmallow fondant and rolled them into balls, shaped them up a bit then stuck them together. I crafted Woodstock, the yellow bird using (yes!) some more fondant and placed a cute little heart on top.

And whats says "I love you" more than a heart?! I tried to put as many hearts as possible on it!
You see, I always say: If you make a cake and you're all happy and full of love, the end result would be great! That's the secret =D

This cake was no exception. I went into a frenzy of hearts and red and cuteness!  All I could see for two days was hearts and mushy stuff :P I just love this cake and am so proud of it!

I just hope that this day is full of happiness and love! I wish everyone would find that special someone to enjoy this day (and every day) with and be as happy as I am.

There's nothing better than being in love now is there?

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

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  1. I cant believe this cake hasnt got any comments yet. impossible is nothing for u huh Dee? you drew a smile on my face with just the pics, i wonder what tasting it wd do to me :D

  2. Sarinee! ofcourse nothings impossible!!! thiis is cake! We do wht we want:D thnk uuu. Ur comment drew a smile to my face :D :D

  3. How cute! The Snoopy is adorable! Keep up the great work Diana. :)

  4. It's truly one of cute designed cake. The ultimate concept of designing of this cake is really looking with full of impression. It's really one of precious experienced source to see the most inspiring designed cake. Thanks for sharing.

  5. scrapbook paper!!! thank you for that amazing comment! im very very very happy you think so!
    thank youu :)

  6. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    dude it looks like a decoration object! la hal daraje!!! WOW WOW WOW!! it probably beats everything you did so far (i guess ur noticing how i say that to all your work, shu badde oul i am out of words :P haha)
    seriously amazing diana!!!

  7. Mownaa!!! ur back!!!! hehe thank you a loooottt!! im haaahpppeeyyy u like it :)


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