Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh NO! Pacdroid eats Apple...Cake!

This is a very special post about a very special cake! A friend of mine asked me to make her boyfriend a cake for his birthday.

Now, beware iPhone-lovers, this is not a cake you would like. (Don't get me wrong, the chocolate cake is yummy :P but its design is not so iPhone-friendly).

The idea behind the cake:
Pacdroid eating Apple-s

Pacdroid eats Apple Cake!
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

and yes you thought right, pacdroid is a combination of Android and our childhood game Pacman (That was such an awesome game, no?)

Well anyway, this cake was very fun to make, especially since I had a midterm that week but it helped me take my mind off it =D

The base was pretty simple to make, I made one circular cake and one large rectangular cake. Then I cut the shapes I needed and frosted the cakes. After that I colored my fondant and covered the cakes with it.

Aren't the apples so darn cute? Once I put the eyes I said: AWWWWWWWWW aint that cute!!!

Cute lil' Apples
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

The phone was the most challenging part. I cut out the outline from black fondant and left a 'window' for the blue fondant. Then I used my sugar pens to draw the apps and the writings.

Samsung Phone!!
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy
THEN I put em all together making this fun pretty cake!!

Pacroid eats Apple Cake .. AGAIN!
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

Oh I forgot to tell you, this cake was the first cake that I sell so YAYYY!! =D
and I got to meet the cheerful lovely Sarine!!

Hope you like it =)

Happy Cake-ing
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  1. Hahaha:P Didzz:P even thougghh i do not agreee with the ideaa of the cake.. i couldntt buttt agreee to the CUTENESSS OF THISS CAKEE :) it looked gr8 eventhou i will insist again on the idea: That iPhone is by far the greatest phonee:P haha :)
    Keeeep it upppp :)
    P.S: U need to go back in time and remember ur first themed cake:P :P! <3

  2. hahaha Sally!!! as long as its cute :P
    and you just wait, i'll make up for it :P

  3. hahaha it's amazing! it looks like pillows, soooooo awwwwwwwwwww and really cute!! and i love the part where you wrote about the eyes haha :D
    really nice, love it so much!!!! =)

  4. hehe mowna! thank u so muccchhh =D xx

  5. Dearest Dee!Not only it was perfectly done just like I asked for, It was truely a very very delicious cake :D It drew a smile on everyone's face and most importantly my boyfriend cracking up on the idea was priceless!
    So Proud to be your first customer, best of luck :D:D:D:D MWAHHHH
    Mohamad says thank you too :)

  6. Sarine!!!!!!!! yay, what else can i ask for? I'm flattered! =) I'm happy everyone liked it!!!! YAY again :P

  7. wonderful cake ya dandoon :)
    I know your potential... im sure 2al 2ati 2a3zam :P


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