Friday, December 2, 2011

Arsenal Tshirt Cake

Arsenal T-shirt Cake
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

A very dear friend of mine is obsessed with football and everything Arsenal. AND it was his birthday this September, so your cake freak (aka ME!) rolled up her sleeves and got out her marshmallows and red food coloring...lots and lots of red food coloring and got down to business.

This was one of the most challenging cakes I had to do, color-wise. I did not have my Wilton Colors yet =( and had to do with the cheap liquid USE-LESS brands. I emtpied the entire bottle to reach the beautiful bright red I wanted. But turned out awesome-ly bright NO? =D

It was fairly easy to cut out the shape of tshirt, I just printed out a tshirt outline and traced out the cake. For the Fly Emirates and all the writing on the cake, I used melted white chocolate and piped it over the cake.
Logo and Details =D The one's I'm so proud of!
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

The logo was challenging to make. I made the base from red fondant and drew the details with some colored buttercream. Close enough, no?

I made some extra red fondant and placed them on the cake for the collar/sleeves.

Now for the finishing touches: I had to write Happy Birthday someplace, right? and I didn't want to ruin the tshirt and write on it SO i cut out a loooong strip from the leftover red fondant and rolled u its ends. Then I grabbed the ends and pulled them out in order to make it look like a banner. Then I wrote Happy Birthday with some white chocolate!

What do you think? Regardless of whether you like Arsenal or not :P

Arsenal T-shirt Cake
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

Oh and congratulations Arsenal on winning 4-0 against Wigan Athletic in the English Premier League today =D

(haha, gottcha!! You really thought I'd actually know anything football-related? :P My sister Lana is a football freak (in a good way :P) and she suggested I should mention this! (Thank you Lana!) 
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  1. hehe, of course i know this one already, but it's still nice to see it again!
    oh and
    Yee ya Dee!
    shu mahdume inte :P i love the joke at the end hahaha! kteer mnee7a :P
    cant wait to see the new stuff u planned for xmas and new yrs ;)

  2. thank you for the amazing cake, that was by far the best birthday cake I have ever had.
    Also im not 20, that would be a typo, im way older :p

  3. Mona!!! thank you, i cant wait either, i keep getting ideas! I hope I can do them all.

    and SARY!!!!! happy you liked it =D and and yes well as I said: this is a old cake :P I cant even remember which year I made this :P ;)

  4. Niyyalak Ya Sa7ib El 3eed



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