Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mini Rose Cupcake

This is a mini-post! Just thought its too cute not to share!

I just learnt this new fondant rose technique. So I thought I'd share. Something that good shouldn't be kept to oneself =D

I was baking my cupcakes for the Christmas baking marathon i got planned. But this was just too tempting not to try!

Ok, so 4 simple steps:

1) Take a small ball from your pre-colored fondant. (I use marshmallow fondant, I really should make a tutorial post about this awesome fondant, yalla SOON =) )

2) Roll out the ball into a thick rolled strip.

3) Flatten the strip using your rolling pin/hand.

4) Starting at one end of the strip, roll the fondant till you reach the end of the strip.

This is what you should get:

Mini Rose Cupcake

What do you think?????
Cute, no? 
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  1. YESS YES YES! Sooooo cute!!! hahahaha walla! elegant, simple and yet amazing =) kteer mahdume!

  2. hehehe mowna! thank u!!! =D finally, i did this =D

  3. see see!! now that is the potential im talking about! :P

  4. hehehhe :$ danke!!! as i said: i try :P

  5. such a cute cupcake!! and the flower is so perfect!hehe
    where are the Christmas cupcakes ?!:D

  6. haha thankk uu!!! and well i still haven't started, tmrw they'll be done =D i have a friend coming over and helping me :P so they're going to turn out amazing i hope =D


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