Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sablés French Cookies

Sable Cookies
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy
Sablés are traditional french cookies. Sable means "sand" in French and it refers to the sandy texture of the cookies. They remind me a lot of sugar cookies but they're a tad more sophisticated. You spread one with the jam of your choice and add another one on top and


You have the perfect Sable.

Now, for once, I did not do the cooking. I came home from a long long day at university and I found my mom in the kitchen, making Sables! She said: "Sorry for taking your part in the house but I felt like having some sables!" Well as soon I saw them, I couldn't leave the kitchen. I forgot how tired I was and started helping her  with the rolling/shaping part and we baked them together. I only wish I can forget how tired I am when I have some work/studying to do =(

Before going into the oven
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

In the Oven
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

Oh and thank you 3amto Waddad for the recipe. Aunty Waddad is actually dad's aunt and I love her very very much. She gave us this wonderful recipe.

They turned out very very yummy!

And we had some leftover dough so we thought we'd make a pie - a chocolate pie =D
Now I forgot to take a picture of the baked/filled pie but here it is before baking:

Chocolate Tart
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

Happy Cookie-ing =D
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  1. hahaha diana ur the cutest thing ever!
    i love the sables (?) :P
    but what i also have to say this time, i like ur style of making things personal by telling tales on how u do what u do!
    VERY NICE!!!!!
    can't wait for the next surprise :D

  2. Mona!! Thank u =) I love how I can do a few of my favorite things: bake AND write!

  3. wow these look fresh out a bakery cuz :P
    this is professional stuff :)
    Im a bit hungry now so this is annoying, because im sure they taste very s'able :P

  4. Yes they are sary :P very s'able! I hope you try them some day =) Thank you for the support!

  5. this is just awesome! Well remember the days when we used to want a Sables from pain d'or so badly.... this is history, we now have Deezert:) Keep up the good work D!

  6. Khaled!!! thats such a sweet thing to say! Thank u KD =)

  7. Sorry for invading your kitchen, but you dragged me out of it in a nice way.
    BTW thanks for cooking Sunday Lunch for the Family. I heard that the Burgers and the Wedges were fantastic.


  8. hehe mom! well it's your kitchen before it became mine so no need for that sorry :P (tlemeezik ni7na:P) i love u mom!!

  9. very very nice... how much?

  10. thaankk you!!! =D I'm not sure yet! As soon as all is set up I'll let you know :)

  11. Is there a recipe for this beautiful french sable? Thanks!


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