Saturday, November 5, 2011

Eid Cookies

Eid El Ahda is here! So I thought I'd make something to celebrate the occasion. I wanted a change from the maa'moul we do every year, so... I decided to make some sugar cookies!

BUT, I did not have a sheep-shaped cookie cutter =( so I had to shape one from some wire (Thank you mom for the idea - and umm execution)

Anyway the cookie is pretty easy to make, just follow your favorite sugar cookie recipe. I use this one!

After chilling the dough, I cut out the shapes I needed and baked them.

Then came the fun - and very messy - part: coloring them.

I admit they do not look very professional but I did have fun doing them =D

So here they are:

Adha Mubarak
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

The Moon and the star were pretty easy to make, I just used my star cookie cookie for the yes you guessed it, the star :P As for the moon, I have a circle cookie cutter, I used its edge to make the moon =)

Moon and Star
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy 

Sheep Cookie
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

Adha Mubarak everyone!

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  1. thats so adorable haha!!! Eid mubarak, Diana! :D and very cute and unique work indeed! love it haha:P

  2. Eid Mubarak to you too Mona!! and thank you!! I loved making them =D

  3. i can imagine hahaha! dont kill the sheep :P

  4. Nice work Diana. It's my pleasure. As if YOU are the one making my dream come true.

  5. thank u mom!!! :D love you! if it werent for you i wouldnt be able to do anything!

  6. ahhhhhhhh dianaa u did the sheeeppp:):)


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