Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baby Shower..Cakes & Cupcakes

Baby Showers..they have to be as cute as can be. The pregnant ladies, the emotions, the tears and awwwwww's all around. but the best for me always is: CAKE! I just love the cuteness, the cakes are always so pretty, colorful and childish (in a good way :P )

So when the opportunity came where I had to do one, I was ecstatic! I got out all my colors and started coloring all the marshmallow fondant I had.

The first step was to mold the baby and let it dry overnight. I admit the baby turned out a bit too cartoon-ish but it all came together at the end with the blanket and the colors.

I propped the baby on a light green fondant covered chocolate cake and propped a blanket on top. Looks cute, no?

The cupcakes are chocolate, vanilla and marbled flavored. I was trying out my new cupcake pan. I got the biggest one I found since I had many to do. Then I got creative and started cutting out shapes and piping on the cupcakes.




The mess I made :$

I just love the colors!
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  1. OMGGG!!! i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the colors and that super cute figure on the cake! i just wanna cuddle it <3 <3 amazing work dee :')

  2. i cant believe this didnt get more comments!! 3anjad bit3a22id! i think my favorite :D keep baking!! :) :) missed your art!

  3. Thank you mowna!! I promise khalas, Ill post more regularly :$


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