Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ribbon Engagement Cake

Yes! I've finally ventured into Tiered Cakes. They've always been intimidating to me but once someone asked me for an engagement cake, how could I have said no? So, I researched and researched and RESEARCHED and finally came up with a system for tiered cakes that is reliable, efficient and wouldn't affect the final look.

The cake design was simple enough:

2 Tiered cake with a golden color scheme. The first layer was a polka dot creme colored cake

 and the second layer was an ivory gift box with a HUGE golden ribbon.

Making the diamond pattern on the 2nd tier

The final result:

I've realized that ribbons really add dimension to the cake and makes it pop! Don't you think so?

The cake was a butter devil's food chocolate cake moistened with a sugar syrup to keep it moist and fresh. The filling was Almond Crunch Swiss Meringue Chocolate Buttercream (long name for such a delicious filling).

This is me frosting the cake! I just love this part =)

A piece at the party!

Almonds with caramel, these went into the buttercream! =D

The mess after the cake =P

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