Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ombre Rainbow Ruffle Cake

It seems I'm either not baking at all or cramming 2 big (cake) projects in one day!

I've wanted to do this rainbow layer cake ever since I first saw it, I thought it to be such a fun creative (and simple) idea that would bring a smile to any face.

I ALSO had my eye on the new trend of ombre cakes. I've been seeing a lot of this design on Pinterest and thought that I just had to try it. Ombre is a type of design that has shades of a certain color from top to bottom. The cake itself is usually also the same shades of the color however for my cake I chose to stick to the rainbow layer cake I've always wanted to try.

Ok first of all, I made 2 recipes of vanilla cake. I wanted my cake to be tall and regal-looking (the friend I'm making this cake for like royalty and princesses etc. Oh and she's the one I made the princess cake for a couple of years of my first cakes.)
Then I separated the batter into 6 bowls and colored them all =)
Aren't they just so pretty and colorful??

After around 3 hours of pouring, baking, cleaning and pouring and baking and cleaning again and again (I only had 2 pans of the size I needed:( ) I was done, and 6 layers were finally ready.

Then it was time for the buttercream. I opted for a Swiss meringue buttercream which is one of the whitest buttercreams you can get. I thought it would be a nice contrast to the other intense colors.


Time for Fondant!!!

I made some marshmallow fondant, left some white and colored the rest different shades of pink.
and the ruffling started. It was surprisingly easy since the fondant ribbons did not have to be perfect. The less perfect, the more "ruffle-y"

I started with covering the top of the cake with white fondant and started layering the ribbons from white to pink to the darkest pink.

Then came the pink 21 and the garland. I am in love with this garland/banner. I also saw it on Pinterest and realized how much more I can do with my cakes. It opened up a whole new (simple but amazing) world. I think you'll get to see much more if these towering cakes in the future from me.

So, what do think?
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  1. I want this for my birthday! Get ready, it's in January ok? :)

  2. :D:D:D deedzzz i lovee u and the cake

    1. best regards : the person u did the cake for:p

    2. Hehehe! Stephiee! Love you too, mwahh!


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