Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pink Princess Cake

Would you like to have your own tiara? and be able to eat it too??

Dear Readers, I present to you 

~ The Princess Cake ~

A very pretty, cute elegant princess cake. A friend of mine absolutely adores princesses and everything about them. Last year, I gave her a crown for her birthday and this year I decided to make her one =D
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy
or well bake her one!

I tried as much as possible to make my base cake look like a pink pillow and wrapped it with beige-colored fondant to create the border (I tried to be as elegant as the fondant allowed me to!)

As for the tiara -which I loved making - it was quite the challenge. I melted some white chocolate and traced around a tiara outline. Then I wrapped all this around a circular box and chilled it. and Voila: I got my chocolate round tiara!

Then I put the pieces together and wrote down her name in white chocolate.

Happy Birthday Princess!!

Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy
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  1. Das ist Kunst!!!
    and not to mention the hair around the pillow! WOW!!!

  2. I want a chemistry cake in the Summer. Make it happen hahaha. Love you Dee! This is amazing :)

  3. haha chemistry cake!! hmm i better start planning :P
    love u too B!!

    and danke sehr mowna!! HDL

  4. aahhh now ppl guess who the princess is??? MEE:P:P
    deedz i ddnt know it was a pilloww how cutee now i love it even moree... THE BEST AND PRETTIEST CAKE YOU EVER MADE FOR THE BEST MOST ABSOLUTE RIGHT PRINCESS:D<3<3

  5. hahaha!! im glad you liked it =D
    I had lots of fun making it!


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