Monday, June 11, 2012

Liverpool & Chocolate

Football, football, FOOTBALL! Everyone's talking about football!

So  I had no chance of going through the summer without making some kind of football-related cake. And here it is:

The Liverpool Football Club Cake!

The cake is pretty simple! I covered it with red marshmallow fondant and covered the sides with some white fondant. The Liverpool logo was what needed most of the work. (I've never looked at any other logo that much :P) 

Well the liver bird was the most challenging part. Luckily I had (the amazing) edible coloring pens and used those for drawing on the bird. It turned out pretty well, don't you think?

The outline of the logo was pretty simple to make. Then I made some green fondant and made the banner on top and on the bottom and used a sugar pen to write on them =)

Oh and the inside of the cake is a delicious 2-layer chocolate fudge cake with the most decadent fudge frosting ever!

Oh and here's my other Football Cake: FC Barcelona Cake

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