Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Homer Simpson sure loves doughnuts!

This week has been FULL of events! I really can't remember the last time I've that much events (official ones) back to back! SO it's been CRAZY! but AWESOME!

Today is actually my dad's birthday (and mine was yesterday =D, just so you know!) and tomorrow's Father's Say so there was no way this week was going to pass without any Dee-licious cake!

After LOTS of thinking (and the fact that I know my dad looooves The Simpson's), I finally set my mind on this very cute doughnut shaped cake with Homer Simpson lying on top of it.

This is by far the "figurine" I'm most proud of. I loved making it. I looked up lots of picture of Homer and memorized every little detail and tried to to copy him as much as possible.

I think he turned out pretty good, right?!

View from the top

Anyway the inside of the doughnut/cake is fudgy super moist chocolate covered with white vanilla frosting and beige marshmallow fondant.

I then cut out the blue "frosting" and places it on top of the doughnut and covered it with sprinkles. Then came Homer with his Duff Beers =D

The Last Perfect Man!

What do you think?
Don't you just love the Simpsons?!!!

From D to all dads all over the world:

Happy Father's Day 

and Dad I love you! Happy Birthday =D

Me and my dad =D
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  1. diana hahahaha it drew such a huge smile on my face :P LOVE IT!! and happy birthday to ur dad :D


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