Sunday, December 2, 2012

Twitter, Instagram and Cake

This week has been crazy! I still do not believe it's Sunday and it seems like its been ages since I've blogged. But I'm back..with a very special cake that I reaallllyy enjoyed doing.

I'm loving those cakes that need small details as opposed to big themed designs. So this was the perfect cake for me to end the week with.

(And I just had to have  a social media cake on my blog :P )

This cake has two social media icons (as you can see):


and Twitter

They were pretty straight forward to do. I just baked the cake and made all my fondant beforehand and left the fun part till the end.

I rolled up my sleeves, turned on some music and got to work.

I started with the cake board itself. I'm thinking of starting to always cover those dull golden cake boards. Makes the cakes look better. This cake had a background of the Armenian Flag. So red, blue, yellow. Pretty easy.

Then I covered the cake with white fondant and started with the logos.

I printed out cutouts of both logos in front of me and started recreating.

I really liked the results!

What do you think?

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  1. You missy can bake!!
    I love the colors of the cake, that platform really brings the whole thing alive.
    That nescafe cup is the only thing that belongs home, the rest goes in cake shops!
    ps. I'm not a big fan of instagram ;)

    1. I have no idea how I've missed your comment! Sorry for the (super) late reply. Thanks a lot! You have no idea how much it made me happy :D :D
      yalla soon, bakery!! i hope..


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