Friday, July 13, 2012

Hats off Everyone...time for cake!

I've always wanted to make a hat cake. Every time I drape fondant over a cake I think: "I should just keep the extra fondant and turned this into a hat!" But I'd already have other plans for the cake.

Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

I just love red
Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy
But this time, THIS TIME: it was my aunt's birthday. And she (like me!) loves big hats! So I finally got to make one. And ofcourse, when you try and finally make something, it does not turn out the way you thought it would be. It was harder than I initially thought, but after creasing up the sides, I ended up with this awesome red hat!

Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

I had some left over purple fondant, so I cut up a sash and put it around the cake and made a cute little purple fondant bow and placed it on the side.

Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

Oh oh, what I like a lot about this cake is that I took a break from all those chocolate cakes and made this (new found) White velvet butter cake from Rose Levy Beranbaum's The Cake Bible (I love this book, there's no recipe you can't find here!). I then iced it with Almond crunch buttercream (YUM!). This is a standard neoclassic buttercream recipe mixed with almond caramel crunch (which is roasted almonds topped with caramel and crushed to a powder!). It gives the cake this delicious crunch. This cake is AMAZING! You really REALLY have to try it!

Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

Here's the cake again:

Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

Photo Credit: Diana Loutfy

Happy Birthday Salwa!
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  1. Really nice cake :)
    Like strawberry shortcake's hat, not that I watch the character or anything :P but I felt somebody should point it out.
    I really like the photos you took, really brings out the cake, you always take beautiful photos!
    I am also interested in the process too. I wish you took some pictures of that White velvet butter cake for example. It seems like its a big part of the cake that we missed!

    13,000 visitors D wooow :D

  2. Thank you Sary for the comment! I keep trying to work on my photos so thanks :)

    Oh and you're right, I should show you the cake too. Yalla next cake..



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